Services for Private, Middle-Market Companies

Most business owners eventually consider selling their companies. Our expertise is handling the complex issues associated with selling private, middle-market companies based in the United States. We regularly advise owners on preparing their business for sale, and the when and “how-to” of selling. Our services include:

Sell-Side Advisory

  • Full Sale of a Company ­­– The sale of 100% of your company to a strategic or financial buyer.
  • Recapitalization – The sale of a minority or majority portion of your business to financial buyers. These transactions are often used to enable owners to diversify the wealth concentration risk they have in the ownership of their business, to buyout a shareholder, and to facilitate generational transfers.
  • Merger – The combining of similar companies.
  • Coaching Services – Providing guidance, objectivity and practical advice to owners who want to sell their company, themselves.

Exit Planning

Development of a comprehensive plan and strategy enabling an owner to exit a private business. It positions owners to achieve their personal and business goals, while maximizing business value and minimizing transaction taxes at the time of exit.

Buy-Side Advisory

Providing outsourced business development services for acquisitive middle-market companies and private equity firms.

Capital Sourcing Advisory

Raising capital from institutional Private Equity Firms.

Strategic Alternatives Assessment

An analysis that provides the information stakeholders need in order to evaluate various courses of action and to clarify a path to meet their objectives, including maximizing shareholder value.